Skin and hair

Argan Oil for all skin types

Smooth Argan Oil all over after a shower or after cleaning your skin to lock in moisture and silken your skin like never before, or use it to troubleshoot rough patches on elbows, knees, ankles and anywhere else! You can also add a few drops to your favorite body cream or bath water, its amazing! 


Argan Oil regulates the bodys fat production in a natural way, so no matter if you have dry, regular or oily skin, Argan will provide a soft feeling right from the start and balance your fat production.

Argan Oil for healthy Hair

Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and squalene are very important for healthy, strong and shiny hair. Vitamin E and essential fatty acids strengthen the hair structure. They are necessary for hair regeneration, stimulation of healthier hair growth and for the blood supply to the hair roots - they provide an adequate supply of nutrients. If the hair is properly nourished, it is strong, does not fray and is not prone to splitting. Squalene is marvellous for maintaining the hydration of hair, which is important for the vital and shiny look. Argan oil has excellent, visible and lasting effects after a few weeks of regular use, particularly in case of dry, coloured, lifeless hair with split ends.


Tip: Smooth Argan Oil onto wet or dry hair for shine and softness, to repair split ends, and to protect it from heat styling. Argan Oil also works as a moisturizing styling aid. Your Hair will thank you!