Lips and more

Argan Oil for Lips

Dry and chapped lips, its time to say goodbye. So natural you can eat it, Argan Oil is the perfect pick to smooth, soothe, moisturize and add an alluring touch of shine. Smooth on a drop with your fingertips, or just include it in your face treatment. 

Argan Oil for Makeup

Add 1-2 drops to the foundation either before or after adding to face. We suggest the use of a sponge to add the oil onto so you can finish the foundation while mixing it with argan. Your skin will stay moisturized and argan lets your face shine in a natural way!

Add Argan Oil to other products

Add Argan Oil to your favorite products. This will add a natural kick to your lotions, cremes, shampoos and shower gels and its a great way to make your hair healthy and shiny and your skin soft - give it a try!


Tip: Argan Oil is very powerful, just add a couple of drops depending on the size of the product. I add about 10-15 drops for a bigger bottle of shampoo.


Argan Oil provides valuable nutrients and the moisturizing that is needed after sun exposure. Treat sunburns and the casting of the skin by adding the oil several times if needed. Also do this over night, you will see the difference in the morning!